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Piano with chair

I can suggest and supply a number of useful piano accessories that will enhance your playing experience. Get in touch with me for advice on which items will be most suited to your requirements.


There are many variables that could affect which piano accessories are most suitable for you. You can choose from either fixed or adjustable piano stools, which come ready for either solo or duet use.

Enhance your piano playing experience

Taking the next step

If you are a beginner that would like to start developing your love for playing, you should consider investing in your hobby. Visit Gavin Atkins Piano Tuning for a range of useful piano accessories.  


  • Quality Tozer duet and solo piano stools - adjustable & fixed

  • Music stands and other accessories

  • Heavy duty Piano Castors for both Upright and Grand Pianos

  • A-Frames for Grand Pianos

  • Quality made-to-measure Piano Covers for both Grand Pianos and Uprights (please ask about the colours and fabrics - samples available)

Find quality piano accessories to suit your requirements

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